Social Dance Boot Camps as follows: Waltz / Cha-Cha , ETC.

Please watch this space as we will be holding these Social Dance Boot Camps in the near future!!


These are wonderful group classes and are designed to bolster and diversify your ballroom / Latin dance experience.  Support your studio and make new friends come to these classes!!!



Learn With Us to:

Dance the Night Away in 2020 

At your next Night Club Visit, Social Dance, Wedding, Fundraiser, Cruise, or Vacation!

Please note all pricing below is based on one Social Dance Boot Camp at a time.  You are not committing yourself to all of the classes listed just the ones you choose to reserve. Included in some intro specials (see Below).   

These seminars and practice parties are NOT included in private lesson packages unless previously arranged (see Jeff)!

Watch this space for the next Social Dance Boot Camp in the series.  If you miss this one, you’ll be kicking yourself later! 

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At the end of any of these fast moving 2 hour Social Dance Boot Camps you’ll have the best time you have ever had on a night out where dancing is required or takes place!!!!!!  Each seminar will be followed by a 1.5 practice session generally with both Robin & Jeff present to help you.  You have a very busy schedule, we know that, pick a dance or pick all of them and learn it in one Sunday afternoon / Evening.  You’ll learn all the important basics of each dance then we’ll teach you an exciting amalgamation ending with a surprise “Dip” to highlight your dance experience!!  These Social Dance Boot Camps are better than six individual group classes spaced one week apart.  

  • Cha-Cha / Waltz   Approximately 1 hour of each. 
  • Cha-Cha – What do you mean, I thought Salsa was so popular that was the way to go?” Here’s the big difference, the music that is played at nightclubs, weddings, fundraisers, and any other social events will always include Cha-Cha and you may NEVER hear a Salsa.  Once you learn what Cha-Cha rhythm sounds like you won’t believe how many songs use these rhythms.  Once you achieve the dancer’s ear for the music (we’ll teach you in the Boot Camp) you’ll be able to dance the Cha-Cha at will with your partner. You’ll feel great, while the others are flailing around free styling without rhyme or reason.  Here are some “Big Time” examples of what I mean: Lady Marmalade, Dance With ME, Let’s Get Loud, Billy Jean, Oyo Como Va,  I Need To Know, I Had The Time of My Life, Pretty Woman, Sway, Get This Party Started, Don’t Cha, Smooth, and Kiss are but a fraction of what I mean!!
  • Waltz is the basis for all ballroom dancing and is still the most romantic of the smooth dances.  Learning the Waltz can’t help but improve ALL of you dancing and dance experience!!

The following are past social dance boot camps and by request we will certainly reintroduce by popular demand!!

  • Hustle 2014 (not the line dance)  – Modern Hustle is probably the most important dance to know for today’s top 40 and dance hits.  Are you going to a wedding, party, event, fundraiser, or night club where the music is DJ driven?  Learn this simple partner dance and I promise you’ll be dancing all night while the others seemingly are just jumping around with their hands in the air.  “We learned the Hustle and had the best time of our lives at our son’s wedding, thank you Jeff  for recommending this to us!!!”
  • Bachata  – Bachata is the latest rage in Latin American dancing (much easier than Salsa) from the Dominican Republic. The moves are relatively easy and the music is easy to hear and therefore dance  We’ll teach you all the moves necessary to get this hot little sexy dance out on the dance floor by the end of this Bachata Boot Camp. you’ll learn to top your Bachata off with a surprise “DIP” all in one evening!

  • Mambo  Mambo – You’ve heard Mambo # 5, Papa Loves Mambo, Mambo Italiano, Sex & The City Theme, Dirty Dancing, etc. They actually tried to ban this dance in Boston!  This is the granddaddy of Latin American dancing. Slower and more fun than Salsa, incorporates many Swing, Cha-Cha, & Disco patterns. You’ll be dancing Mambo and singing all the tunes by the end of this Mambo Boot Camp! You’ll learn all the Mambo basics then we’ll turn them into an exciting amalgamation ending with a surprise “Dip”!!  Join us for Mambo it’ll be hot.  

  • Foxtrot  – It Had to Be You, The Way You Look Tonight ( the number 1 wedding song of all time!), Fly Me To The Moon are just some of the titles that you hear at weddings, social affairs, and formal fundraiser events. Foxtrot is the smoothest of the smooth and the basis for present day ballroom dancing! This light, lively, infatuating rhythm has been vocalized and harmonized by the best pipes that ever put their lips to a microphone! The music is timeless and will remain so, as long as lovers can drift through a park on a Sunday or swoon and spoon at the local watering hole on Saturday night. Some call it Jazz, some call it Swing, some call it Standard, and some call it Pop – I call it pure American. Foxtrot speaks to every boy and girl or man and women about every facet of their relationship! Come join us out on the floor – Top Hat and Tails no longer required but dancing feet and a good crooner are a must. The lyrics used in Foxtrot rhythms make it a popular choice for wedding couples. We’ll teach you all the basics of Foxtrot than we’ll get you traveling around the room with a specially designed amalgamation ending, of course, with a romantic “DIP”.  If you want to dance ballroom don’t miss this!
  •  Tango    Tango – Americana: The most theatrical, eccentric, masculine, titillating, dance of all!!  November 4th 6:30 – 9:00 PM   “What does Sean Connery, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Richard Gere, Al Pacino, Antonio Banderas, & Robert Duvall all have in common?” They have all danced Tango on the “silver screen”.  Gentlemen this IS your dance.  We’ll use the best music from the best Tango scenes of all time.  The list of leading men above is only a short list of the men’s men who over time have allured and seduced women in the movies – you too can have that impact  on your favorite partner. Now I bet you’re ready to learn and join us!!!!! This is expected to be our biggest social dance boot camp we’ve already taken paid reservations, space is limited (1st come 1st served).
  • Rumba  Is undeniably the music of love. The sound is a treat to our senses, and its alluring rhythm transports us to a tropical locale, if only for a moment. We can feel the power of the surf and the hot wind in our face, while the breeze plays melodies with the palms. We are seduced by this titillating music and virtually driven to dance. Do I have your attention? Rumba is a very popular dance rhythm many more songs are written in the this tempo than people realize, however, once you know this rhythm you’ll be amazed its popularity. Yet another very popular choice for the wedding 1st dance and general occasion dancing.
  • You’ll be able to finally say I’d love to dance with you confidently without any fear!
  • Anyone can learn to dance at these classes, just spend the time with us learning!
  • Absolutely suitable for any and every occasion! 

Singles we have a partner waiting list, please call (401)331-1400.    

Registration is by your check sent to 332 Atwood Ave. Cranston, RI 02920 and made out to Jeff Allen. 

Once we receive your check you will immediately be placed on our class roster and notified by email.  Make sure you include your email address, phone number, and the same for your partner.  You will also receive periodic updates, tips for taking a successful dance class, attire and shoe suggestions, etc.

Don’t delay these classes will all sell out!!!!! Don’t forget singles get on our partner dance waiting list.

 For more info Call today to reserve your space at (401) 331-1400

email to:

Our Next Social Dance Boot Will Be On September 30th 2018. 

These: Social dance Boot Camps will take place at:

Jeff Allen’s Latin and Ballroom Dance Studio 332 Atwood Ave. Cranston, RI 02920

Please note: If the attendance of any Boot Camp is less than  4 couples we reserve the right to postpone the Boot Camp for a future date. If this should happen the student’s reservation will be honored at any other Boot Camp of their choice.


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