I Will Teach You How to Dance!

We offer beautiful, very personalized, gift certificates with every package and it ALL can be accomplished on the phone by calling Jeff at (401) 331-1400

Your Friends and love ones will be able to learn dances like Salsa, Bachata, Disco Hustle, West Coast Swing, or East Coast Swing, Argentine Tango, Wedding Dancing or their 1st Dance, They can even try one of our fun Date Nights – it will be their choice.

My name is Jeff Allen. I’m ready and willing to answer any questions you may have about what’s really involved in learning to dance. We’ll chat about efficiencies and economic ways to LEARN how to dance as a student at my studio (private lessons as much as 40% less than the others)! Please call to make your appointment there will be no pressure and no need to purchase some kind of coupon! I welcome your call or visit to my Cranston location: 401-331-1400. If your getting married especially about your wedding and protocol. Please read my reviews. Everyone is different, learns differently and my approach to you will reflect that, I can and will teach you to dance no matter how many left feet you think you have!

Now that you’ve been invited to that wedding, you need an easy fast dance that works for virtually any up tempo music. You need a Slow dance with a bit more intimacy without looking like two monkeys huddled together in the rain. Dancing with a partner in contact IS powerful & beautiful!! Call us to fulfill these issues easily, effectively, and inexpensively: (401) 331-1400!

Join the party!

Weddings and 1st Dance at your own wedding, Salsa, Bachata, & Hustle (the partner dance), West Coast Swing, Foxtrot, Waltz & Our wonderful Private DATE Night !!

Enjoy & Benefit from the Best Private Latin & Ballroom Lessons in RI! ” From the beginning at my studio I teach you how to dance, not some “ridiculous come-on coupon” where you pay to hear a sales pitch!!!! Do you really expect to be taught and dance at a party in one lesson or just to watch and too embarrassed to try? You’ll realize quickly that learning to dance is much more than putting your feet somewhere with your partner in front of you! One lesson with me and you’ll understand immediately – I teach you to dance and NOT to fail. It really upsets me to see how couples really struggle because they made a bad studio choice regardless of the name on that studio. There are major differences between a dance studio and a sales organization. I’ve been very successful at teaching people to dance since 1984 with over 30 NDCA Top Teacher Awards.

Both now and in the long term you’ll find my prices much lower, my experience and communication skills are greater, and you will learn how to be effective and successful on the dance floor! To accomplish the same level it’ll be hundreds with me and thousands with them, before you sign talk to me (401) 331-1400. Leaders and followers learn to do just that in every dance you study. Brides & Grooms my preparation for you is indeed unparalleled, and very effective figure 7 -12 hours for a great wedding dance!!”

Located at: 332 Atwood Ave. Cranston, RI 02920 (rt. 5 is easy & off all major roads)

News Article as it appears in Cranston Herald 8/9/23 as follows:

We offer beautiful, very personalized, gift certificates with every package and it ALL can be accomplished on the phone by calling Jeff at (401) 331-1400

SALSA BUT NO CHIPS: John and Judy Lischio move through the steps of a salsa dance while Instructor Jeff Allen offers concise directions to help them forward in their learning journey from his seat. (Herald photos by Ed Kdonian) Posted Wednesday, August 9, 2023 12:00 am By ED KDONIAN Teaching a variety of dance techniques, Jeff Allen’s Latin and Ballroom Dance Studio, 332 Atwood Ave, has reopened its doors and is ready to help people across the city, and state, to prepare for their wedding, ignite a newfound passion for dance or just provide a taste of something new. “When I look at someone I see vectors,” Allen said in explanation of how he views the human body and the way it moves. “I see perpendicular vectors. I see a spine. I know it will move perpendicularly to the ground from one place to the next place. That’s forward, and back is the opposite that. Sideways is always dictated by the plane of your shoulders. “ Everything you do is in proportion to your body, he explained. The simple act of stepping forward takes on a new light when being taught by a master of movement. Allen quickly showed his skill in teaching by simply offering a few words to his students that make them take a new look at their bodies, movements and their own center of gravity. With each simple instruction you could see backs straighten and understanding of their own movements grow. “There are more things to do with the hands in partner dancing than to do with the feet,” Allen said with a smile. “Everybody that walks in my door, or has been to another dance studio, thinks ‘show me where to put my feet and I’ll learn how to dance,’ but your feet are only a piece of it. You need to know how your body is made. In essence if you move away from your center then you’re moving out of control.” With classes teaching wedding dancing, salsa, bachata, hustle, West coast swing and more Allen’s studio is run by the award-winning dance teacher himself.  Having won numerous awards in dance and teaching since competitions since the 70’s, Allen has a long list of trophies, competitions and wins under his belt. He is also one few accredited national examiners with the  Dance Vision International Dancers Association (DVIDA) and Pro-DVIDA in the state. “In every other country in order to teach dancing you need legitimate credentials,” Allen explained. “I’m not trying to throw shots, even if I kind of am, but elsewhere you have to pass very difficult examinations to prove you know what you’re doing. I’m an examiner. I’m the one that can give that exam or present the credentials if they pass.” Allen has written multiple books on the subject of dance, including “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Ballroom Dancing,” “Quickstart to Social Dancing,” “Quickstart To Swing,” and several others. In his classes he focuses on the important of fundamentals, your physical body and how it influences footwork and, for some classes, how to work with a partner. This approach to teaching dance through the physics of how your body moves, rather than where your feet should go, clearly resonates with his students. “We had been taking lessons for six years,” said John Lischio. “This was our first lesson back in a while.” “It was great coming back,” his wife Judy followed up. “It was a bit to get going and find the balance again. We’ve taken other classes here and enjoyed them all. We’ve done hustle and cha-cha too.” Feeling, Allen explained, is the essence of learning dance. “As a dancer you have to develop that connection to what you’re doing. You have three partners at the same time. One, your feet, two, the music, and three, the person you showed up with. The more you obey the laws of physics, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and know that the more pressure you put on the floor the better quality of lift and carriage of your body. Dancing is a marvelous study in the gain and loss of pressure.” Whether you’re preparing for a wedding, trying to bond with your partner or just looking for a new way to stay active, dance may be the option for you. Offering a variety of classes, boot camps, and packages, those interested in seeing what else this small business has to offer can find more information on its website,  www.jeffallendance.com.

Hustle / Disco Boot Camp (With brand new material) This class will keep you dancing ALL Night!

Latin, Ballroom, Salsa, Hustle, Bachata, West Coast Swing, & Wedding 1st Dance

Couple’s Date Night (see below) A GREAT Time any month, any week, strictly by appointment in 2023

Private Lessons – Thorough, Complete, Exciting, Memorable

Easy to Learn and you will learn “How to Dance” with reasonable cost and efficiency

1st Wedding Dance Preparation:

Please book your Wedding lessons ASAP to ensure positioning and placement!

Your 1st Dance should be unique, whether extravagant or simple. You’ll look great during every minute of your Wedding Dance. Your guests know you’re not dancers, they’ll be shocked at your presentation. I take a very special interest in each and every one of my wedding couples.

Let me show you why this is such a highly rated dance studio by trusting me with your choice in dance instruction. We welcome beginner to competitive level students. Our introductory programs and all packages for the 2023 season are listed below. Please call to book your appointment now (401) 331-1400. We avoid pressure sales and in turn add value by helping you achieve your goals as quickly as possible because our instruction is backed by only the most qualified teaching techniques with decades of experience.


Wedding Dance Special # 7 for 2023 :

We use several special amalgamations within our exclusive slow dancing curriculum plus your dip, kiss, twirl, & curtsy What you get is 7 – Sixty Minute Private Lessons. This package can certainly be expanded to meet your special requirements.

During our Wedding Dance Boot Camps you may also bring your parents to help with the father / daughter or mother /son dance at no additional cost. ALL for only $450.00 per couple (valued at $1,075.00)! To improve the value of each lesson we will produce a video notebook on your smartphone to enhance your practice time! Wedding Dance Boot Camp (with brand new material) – Call now (401) 331-1400

Make any Date in 2023 unforgettable!!!

PRIVATE DATE NIGHTExtremely Popular at Our Studio

At our sweetheart table, enjoy a romantic private lesson in the dance of your choice including a special ending (dip, ?, surprise, etc.) along with a complementary “toast and chocolate”. We will take pictures using your camera/cell of each meaningful moment of your date night! Enjoy your private date night lesson by appointment only for $95.00.

Call to arrange special details. 401-331-1400

We always appreciate your business & the clients you bring us!!! Get $25.00 off your next lesson package by referring a friend who purchases an intro special or by purchasing a gift certificate!!

The Studio is Now Open for In-Person & Private Lessons! No Masks Required.

We are ensuring the safety of all of our students, by following all applicable compliance and safety protocols mandated by the CDC and State of Rhode Island.

Jeff Allen’s studio is 1,800 sq. feet of open dance floor. Our private lessons are indeed private. Only you & me!

All common spaces are thoroughly disinfected before and after every visitor to the studio. No masks are required during your lesson it’s strictly your choice. We do have masks if wearing them makes you more comfortable. We provide gloves as well, in addition to hand sanitizer at several locations throughout the studio! Jeff is fully vaccinated.

Regardless of your level—absolute beginner to competing professional or teacher—you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the change in your individual skills, physical appearance, and improved ability to dance with a partner.

Maybe you’re looking to just dance well at a wedding or with a loved one. Once you have begun to work with Jeff, changes will happen, and these skills will last a lifetime! We’ll make time for you in spite of your busy schedule and help you to reach any and all of your goals.

The Power of Dance is Strong and Can Help During These Challenging Times. Learn to dance in small spaces at home for fun and intimacy. Learn to dance with confidence in public spaces!

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