Wedding Couples

Are you getting married in 2021 or 2022?

We encourage you to begin your dance lessons early prior to the stress of learning very close to your wedding day. We do not ascribe to the theory that if you wait to the last minute you won’t forget. The average wedding couple spends 7 – 12 private lessons preparing for their 1st Wedding Dance for an exciting and qualitative routine.

“Give me the time, patience & practices and I’ll give you the dance of your dreams” – Jeff Allen

At Jeff Allen’s Latin & Ballroom Dance Studio you’ll receive great teaching, choreography, and preparation for the most important dance of your lives!

If you’re a wedding couple, we recommend the Wedding Package specialized just for your song. Come to your lesson with your first dance song–any song–and we’ll make sure to choose a routine and dance you’ll love. The package includes 11 hours of premium dance instruction, including seven 60-minute private sessions with Jeff only $375.00

 And don’t forget about Jeff and Robin’s Wedding Dance Bootcamps! 
Check out our Bootcamp page for frequent schedule updates.

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