Client Testimonials

“He does not just tell you where to put your feet like some kind of bad game of hop-scotch or Twister–he helps you with posture and making sure your weight is distributed correctly so you can look elegant which makes a huge difference. Because he teaches professionals to dance, he does not skimp on details to helping you perfect yourself–even though I will not and am not a professional dancer, my appreciation of Latin dance has drastically increased since learning from Jeff.”
– Jeanette G.

“Jeff is an incredible dance teacher… He was able to use both our skill sets to create a fabulous first dance that WOW’d all my guests. Literally, jaws were dropped when we did our final move. We will absolutely be back for more dance classes just for fun!”
– Marissa & Derek

“Jeff is an outstanding teacher…Apart from learning the dance, Jeff helped us to fall in love with dancing and we are continuing lessons with him to now learn latin dance…It is a wonderful way for my wife and I to connect and we always leave with big smiles on our faces.”
– Chris W.

“He approached teaching us from many angles, by dancing with us, adjusting our bodies as we danced, and talking with us… He has an overwhelmingly charming and caring way about him. I felt that his intuition extended beyond just our dance into who we are as a couple and individuals, and all of this allowed him to better understand us and better help us express ourselves in our dance.”
– Mack B.

“Both of us had never taken a dance lesson before and he was patient at times and hard on us at times to bring the best out of us. Since the wedding we have continued to take lessons as we have fun doing it. Jeff is a great teacher as he will not only teach the basics but will also bring the best out of you and take you as far as you are willing to go.  His style encourages confidence in more challenging steps while fine tuning the basics for effect.”
– CJ S.

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