What Dance Do We Do At Our Next Celebratory Event?

I’m not going to try and fool you!  Music and specifically music to dance to at Weddings, Parties, Nightclubs, Cruises, Social Events, etc. has all changed.  This is especially true when the music is DJ driven!  When a DJ is playing it is very rare that we are hearing Foxtrots, East Coast Swings, Waltzes, Cha-Cha’s, etc. To hear and dance to music like this we need  to attend events or venues that are theme, dance, or music specific.  For instance, If I want to dance Salsa or Bachata I go to a club or organized dance that is Salsa / Bachata specific.   When it’s East or West Coast Swing I attend a place that has a Swing band or orchestra, or a lot of old school R & B, etc.  The same is true with Ballroom & Latin dancing, there are many dances to attend, to make use of all those lessons you’ve been taking, or want to take.  But this BLOG is not about that.  What it is about however, are the events you must attend like weddings, corporate affairs, social gatherings like fund raisers, celebrations of various circumstances, cruises if your lucky to get away, or general business (meat market type) nightclubs, etc. where the musical format is essentially Modern DJ inspired.

The DJ’s play the music that’s hot, with the most contemporary artists, all familiar to the listeners, and of course fun.  Artists like Jennifer Lopez, Usher, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Lady GaGa, and Pink have all gone to hard driven, straight 8 count, using a fast paced conspicuous bass-line.  These songs have great rhythm and are exhilarating to our senses.  Songs to “Get The Party Started,” and keep it going, filling up the dance floor with constant pulsing. Of course the beverages keep flowing. None of this is bad, its just that we’re jumping around with group dancing with no particular commitment to anything.  In this day of social media I guess that makes sense.  As dancers we’re not enjoying the thrills of touching with the physical reciprocity that occurs while becoming musically inspired with a partner.

35 – 40 years ago there was music just like this.  This music had brilliant orchestrations along with all the electronic bells and whistles and was the greatest dance music for excitement of all time. Why? Because just like today’s hot dance hits it was designed purely for dancing and physical excitement.  It’s lyrics eloquently spoke of the best dancers dancing, and couples beyond dancing. Everyone was dancing with each other as partners and relationships grew because we enjoyed the physical chemistry you could find in each other’s arms on the dance floor.  Back then we had a dance it was called Disco Hustle, Hustle (not the line dance), New York Hustle, Latin Hustle, 4 Count & 3 Count Hustle.  Back then we danced all night long!  Now it’s 2014 and many guest and patrons from the a fore mentioned venues and events sit and watch with dismay that there is no real identifiable dance to do.

But there is!! Hustle 2014 is here, it’s back. The modern form of Hustle is easy to learn, really! I teach it everyday to students at my studio, Jeff Allen’s Latin and Ballroom Dance Studio. They attend these type of celebratory events and report back to me about having more fun then ever before.  They were able to dance with each other all night while the top 40 dance hits were playing.  The laughed to themselves as they were accused of being teachers by the various onlookers. So when we meet, and you ask me, what dance will we do at the wedding, club, etc. when the DJ “spins,” their digital hits? I’ll tell you the 2014 Hustle.

Check out this link for classes in Latin Hustle I & II  Monday Nights  beginning 7:30 – 8:30 PM Beginning Monday September 14th & Saturday September 19 (workshop)  

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