Virtual Sessions

Dance safely at home, and continue when we can have you back in our studio!

To adapt to these challenging times, you can now safely dance from your own home with our new virtual dance lessons. All you need is Skype and a small open area, and we can provide the same world-class instruction that you would receive during an in-person session; you can also easily record each lesson and use the video as a valuable learning tool.  

Our virtual dance lessons are a fun, safe way to incorporate a meaningful activity into your life during a time when we all could use some positivity. 

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“My partner’s and my dance skills have been improving week after week, and this is our 4th week dancing virtually with Jeff. Dancing in the comfort of our home allows us to continue practicing on our own after our 1-hour sessions, and makes practicing so seamless.”
– Julie


“We really enjoy our lessons with Jeff and Robin. Great fun and a way to get moving!” – Francine,

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