Thursday Nights Beginner Social Ballroom and Latin Group Class

This is the class to really experience the joys and pleasures of Social Ballroom and Latin Dancing.  In this special overview program we will introduce you to 6 dances: Waltz, Rumba, Foxtrot, Cha-Cha, Tango, and Merengue. The class will be ongoing on Thursday evenings and will teach you the first several basic patterns of the listed.  In the smooth ballroom dances you’ll learn enough to comfortably travel around the dance floor. In the American Latin dances you’ll be able to “wow” your friends and relatives at any social function. Wherever there is social dancing you’ll find yourself dancing – join us for the thrill!

This class will occur every Thursday night at 7:30 – 8: 20 PM – then we’ll give you some open practice time.  Groupon Group Class Special
If you’ve been to other Ballroom Classes please don’t give up as soon as you try mine you’ll immediately see the difference in my teaching and your dancing, at least that’s what all my students say!!!!
Pay by the month and save!!   The COST per month for each Thursday evening of the month (typically 4) is only $35.00 per person.     The Drop-In Rate is $15.00 per class person. 
If you combine the Thursday evening class with another monthly class session the 2nd class will be $30.00 per month per person. 
And if you combine a third class with the Thursday evening class the 3rd class will only be $25.00 per month per person. 
Taught by Jeff & Robin Allen –  Call: 401-331-1400 or email
 Limited Space: mail or bring by your payment  (check or credit card) to our studio located at:
800 Oaklawn Ave.  Unit M 2 Cranston, RI 02920.   Checks to be made payable to Jeff Allen.

Is the smoothest of the smooth! This light, lively, infatuating rhythm has been vocalized and harmonized by the best pipes that ever put their lips to a microphone! The music is timeless and will remain so, as long as lovers can drift through a park on a Sunday or swoon and spoon at the local watering hole on Saturday night. Some call it Jazz, some call it Swing, some call it Standard, and some call it Pop – I call it pure American. Foxtrot speaks to every boy and girl or man and women about every facet of their relationship! Come join us out on the floor – Top Hat and Tails no longer required but dancing feet and a good crooner are a must. The lyrics used in Foxtrot rhythms make it a popular choice for wedding couples. You must learn Foxtrot for attendance at Weddings, Fundraisers, general social functions, and dinner and dancing.

As a social dance, Tango is a means of recreation, creativity, and enjoyment for a lifetime. There are no sociological, chronological, or economic boundaries in Tango. In reality, one would be hard pressed to find another activity that depends so heavily on the synchronized physical, emotional, and intellectual cooperation between a man and a woman. Tango requires this togetherness and rewards us with so much more. Passion, excitement, love, anger, romance, and every other sensation between a man and a woman are portrayed in this wonderful dance – the Tango. Tango dancing is both theatrical and eccentric. It is the chosen dance for many leading men and women of the theater and on the silver screen. Tango is not a difficult dance. Therefore these non-dancing actors have actually produced rather good interpretations of Tango. One of my favorite quotations regarding the ease with which a Tango can be danced is Al Pacino speaking to Gabrielle Anwar in the movie “Scent Of A Woman.” “Tango is not like life, my dear. There are no mistakes in Tango. If you get tangled up, you just tango on.” Even though the danced is structured beautifully, within that structure every figure has the potential for its own interpretation.

Is the most classical of all ballroom dances. The Waltz is considered by many to be the most foundational experience of ballroom dancing. The type of figures that we use, the dance positions, the line of travel around the dance floor, and the choreography have changed very little in the last 100 years. No other dance can provide the dreamy Cinderella feelings of pure romance in the way that a couple can experience while Waltzing. That is one of the reasons that many couples select a Waltz for the First Dance on their wedding day. In my opinion there is no dance that better portrays the beginning of married life on the wedding day than in dance that began at all! The light but distinct 3/4 timing and tempo are intoxicating and very easy to follow. Waltz will help you develop the skills necessary to become a successful ballroom dancer. After all, the Waltz was and is the model for dance structure and technique.

Enjoys the distinction of as one of the most dominant “Pop” rhythms of the last 30 – 40 years. Its closest rivals for rhythm supremacy would be the Swing and Slow Rhythm Ballads. Some of the largest selling hits of all time have used this scintillating rhythm. You’ll have great fun listening to the radio or even going through your own musical archives and identifying how many of your favorite tunes are in cha-cha rhythm. It’s even better when you know how to dance to them! Cha-cha lends itself to every dance nuance that finds itself in vogue! Steps like Little Eva’s Locomotion, Jackson’s Moonwalk, Roger Rabbit, or Madonna’s Vogue are added to Cha-cha’s jazz-like dance versatility. Movements of ribcage and shoulder isolations along with lots of cut rhythm steps work right into this playful, sexy, Latin rhythm!

Is undeniably the music of love. The sound is a treat to our senses, and its alluring rhythm transports us to a tropical locale, if only for a moment. We can feel the power of the surf and the hot wind in our face, while the breeze plays melodies with the palms. We are seduced by this titillating music and virtually driven to dance. Do I have your attention? Rumba is a very popular dance rhythm many more songs are written in the this tempo than people realize, however, once you know this rhythm you’ll be amazed its popularity. Yet another very popular choice for the wedding 1st dance and general occasion dancing.

Is a very important and essential Latin American dance. The technique used in its sideways movement is the basic form for most other Latin dances. It is the national dance and music of the Dominican Republic. It is quite possible that at any given moment on a Friday or Saturday evening there are more people dancing Merengue in any Latin American country or community throughout the World than any other dance! The Dominicans like their Merengue hot and fast. Their neighbors in Haiti like their Merengue much slower reflecting the Haitian Reggae sound in their music. Both tempi are extremely popular in North America. If you plan to travel by cruise ship or visit a tropical paradise in the Caribbean you need to learn Merengue! Many refer to the Merengue as “the cruise dance” because on a ship it is taught by day and danced by night. If you ever plan to frequent a Latino nightspot in the USA you need to learn Merengue! This will guarantee you can spend most of the night on the dance floor rather than on the sidelines. The good news is that the Merengue is the easiest of the Latin American dances with very simple patterns.


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