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What are our Private Lesson policies? (see policies below)

This is where your teachers, Jeff or Robin Allen, works with you one on one (single or couple). Above is a video clip of Jeff & Robin doing the old standard of Salsa on “1”.  We haven’t presented our Salsa “On2” video which is at this time 2020 the world’s most popular & versatile version of Salsa.  We now teach Salsa “on 2” as it is the style you will most likely find in today’s Salsa nightclub where experienced dancers gather. We can take you all the way up to the professional, performance, or competitive levels of any Ballroom or Latin dance.  When you take one private lesson per week you may also attend our weekly group lessons absolutely free!!

The private lesson format can be 7 to 10 times more effective than any other way of learning how to dance. In a private lesson we go through all little details that cannot be attended to in a group class.  And more specifically catered exactly to your  personal needs and desires. Thus your effectiveness is greatly enhanced and your time in a private lesson becomes of great value. Jeff refers to this as leaving the pedestrian movements and habits outside the dance floor. Things such as: precise timing, spotting, leading & following, the necessary sequences of movement to make musicality and transitions from pattern to another work, and many more as well as cleaning up any bad habits you may have picked up along the way. Every individual has their own special needs and the benefits are enormous, this is why we recommend private lessons. In the long run this is a much more efficient usage of your time and money.

My private hour is still 60 minutes. You may laugh when you read this but you’ll find that in today’s world many use 45 – 50 minutes as an hour calling it a professional hour. At the 45 minute rate over 4 lessons you’ll actually receive 1 hour less of valuable instruction. Jeff believes in value added in everything he does for his clients. Allen says, “I believe strongly in integrating the same choreography into many different dance rhythms. Since most choreography in Salsa, Bachata, Hustle, West Coast Swing, Country Western, and various other Latin dance originated from Swing dancing why not add them to your inventory of dance steps in all the rhythms you know?” Jeff’s methods will allow you to learn more than one dance at a time. “My program is to get you dancing ASAP with a cumulative understanding of you and your partner’s responsibilities to each other and to the music. This puts the importance on the dancing and not just to your foot placement. I won over 30 top teacher awards recognized by the NDCA teaching this cumulative, kinesiological, and progressive approach to Ballroom and Latin dancing. Let me change your life physically, emotionally, and aesthetically by experiencing the confidence and strength that success in dancing will give you!!” Once you’ve begun private lesson with Jeff Allen you’ll ask yourself why you didn’t start this years ago.

Reasons why group class dancers should take Private Lessons:

– Improve your dancing in general by having a teacher paying full attention to your needs, to polish your technique and increase your confidence on the dance floor.

– Checking your level of dancing and refining previous knowledge, to be ready for the next level of group classes and social dancing. Why not be the “Fred and Ginger” at the next social event. It’s not unusual to attend a wedding or fund raiser with 300 people who won’t or can’t get out on the dance floor. Or those that still think their teenagers who have clearly out grown their dancing. The power of a dance couple who even does simple and basic patterns in time with the music can easily impress a whole crowd. Instead of watching that one couple who you think can dance why not be that couple?

– To fast track when you feel you could move up a level or two. Spice up your choreography by adding variations or new technique, challenge yourself.

– Performance training – any kind of training for performances is better when done one on one.

– Convenience – A great way to learn for people that cannot take evening classes and/or option for people that work shifts.

– If you are already a dancer, in any other style of dance, you should try private first and you might be able to move up to a higher level class. Build you confidence to be a leader in any class. The leader’s role can be as much as 80% of the couple. Just learning “choreography” or “the steps” can frequently detract for your leadership. Remember you don’t know what you feel like to someone else. Isn’t it time to evaluate just how effective your touch and connections are?

– Learning a routine to perform at a private party or wedding. Don’t go out on the wedding dancing floor unprepared, the pressure of not knowing what to do out there alone can feel like a slow death, or something you want to forget, instead of a wonderful lifetime memory.


If you would like to book, send us an email at dance@jeffallendance.com and let us know:

1) Your time and dates preferences

2) Your contact phone number and email address

Jeff will call you and arrange something to suit your specific needs.


First you must purchase your package in advance or at the time of booking your 1st private lesson.   You may use varying days of the week or maintain a standing appointment which would be the same day & time every private lesson.

Attention: If the private class is cancelled with at least 48 hours’ notice you’ll still have the choice of paying for the class or making it up within the business week. If you cancel the class in less than 24 hours you will be responsible for the charges.

I accept cash or checks only. All private lessons are payable in advance. Please call to pre-register for classes at which time you’ll book your 1st appointment. I do this so meet can meet each other and clarify any of the common questions on my time not your lesson time. My studio is exclusive; people cannot just walk in off the street without an appointment. This policy is for your convenience, privacy, and protection. My present students love it!!

No refunds on private lessons or group classes.

Students may exchange private lessons only with another party.

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