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Mambo & Cha-Cha Boot Camp –

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Mambo & Cha-Cha are Hot in “The Big City”,   

Mambo & Cha-Cha are Hot in “Dirty Dancing,” Mambo & Cha-Cha are now Hot in Providence!!! Mambo & Cha-Cha are Hot in February.

Jeff Allen’s Latin and Ballroom Dance Studio presents our 1st Mambo & Cha-Cha Boot Camp

This is the 1st in the series of our Latin Boot Camps. 

Motion pictures have sizzled with Mambo &  Cha-Cha music and dancing since the 40’s and now it’s your turn to sizzle right  in the middle of February 2013.

Unlike Salsa you’ll be able to dance these two dances anywhere for they are part of generic music & dance rhythms. The most popular songs of all times have been written in these two rhythms!!

“What do mean, I thought Salsa was so popular that was the way to go?”

It’s true Salsa is great, the music and dance are among my favorites.  Robin and I have certainly invested a great deal of time into teaching Salsa to our students.  We have done many shows and events featuring Salsa.  However, you can only dance Salsa where Salsa music is played specifically.  A Salsa specific dance is always a great event and will be publicized as such, I encourage you to learn Salsa. 

Here’s the big difference, the music that is played at nightclubs, weddings, fundraisers, and any other social events will include Mambo’s and Cha-Cha’s and you may NEVER hear a Salsa.  Once you learn what Cha-Cha and Mambo rhythms sound like you won’t believe how many songs use these rhythms.  Once you achieve the dancer’s ear for the music (we’ll teach you in the Boot Camp) you’ll be able to dance Mambo or Cha-Cha at will with your partner, while the others are flailing around free styling without rhyme or reason.  Here are some “Big Time” examples of what I mean: Lady Marmalade, Dance With ME, Let’s Get Loud, Billy Jean, Oyo Como Va,  I Need To Know, I Had The Time of My Life, Pretty Woman, Sway, Get This Party Started, Don’t Cha, Smooth, and Kiss are but a fraction of what I mean!!  Now I bet you’re ready to learn and join us!!!!!

For questions about the Boot Camp call (401)
331-1400 or email: or visit:  

Then the following Thursday you’ll be invited to a Studio Party at no charge.

More information,  etc. can all be found on the following Social Boot Camp page:

For questions about the Boot Camp call (401) 331-1400 or email: or visit  Then the following Thursday you’ll be invited to a Studio Party at no charge.
Mail your checks, made out to: Jeff Allen and sent to:831 Charles Street, Providence, RI 02904

This Mambo & Cha-Cha Boot Camp is great for:

 Beginners of Social Dancing and  Beginners of these Dances  


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