Ladies Solo Salsa – For your own group class please check out our “Friends & Family Special” on our front page!!

Ladies Solo Salsa  
Presented by Robin Allen

For your own group class please check out our “Friends & Family Special” on our front page!!  

Every women wants to dance to the infectious Latin rhythm Salsa!  Here is the class to teach you how to look and feel great on the dance floor.  Imagine yourself moving freely to the fantastic sounds of  Salsa.

Robin will teach you these many stylized patterns and combinations designed exclusively for Solo or Freestyle dancing. This is a dance class for absolute beginners to Salsa or dancing.  If you know Salsa as a partner dance most of this will be new choreography for Solo dancing and personal expression.

Please don’t confuse this with any exercise program it is a dance class.  Of course once the patterns are learned, dancing itself, will provide wonderful cardiovascular benefit.  However these are real Salsa patterns and steps and meant to be used right out on social dance floors anywhere & everywhere.  

What you need to know and do: 
1)Bring a pair of dress (hard sole) or dance shoes to change into INSIDE the studio. Sneakers do not work well as they create too much friction for ease in the various rotations we will cover. You can try them if you wish but frankly plain socks would work better than sneakers.  Please no bare feet.  Take your shoes & coats off at the front door and then move to the right and put your clean shoes on.  We don’t want you to feel grit on the dance floor under your feet. 
2) Expect to have lots of fun but more importantly learn to become a much better  dancer.  Your classmates will really want to learn so please respect their time & space.  
3) We’ll take attendance as you come in.  If you’re new to the studio we’ll need your email and cell phones (please print). Call us for your reservations (401) 331-1400.  Your payment will be your registration so please register ASAP as there will be limited space.  Call Jeff now at 401-331-1400 for more info.