WEBSITE SPECIAL: Wedding Dance Boot Camp half price sale!!! April 18th from 1 -3 PM. It's exclusive to our studio & you'll love it. Was $90. per couple now only $45.00 per couple. Two hours of spectacular dance instruction for slow dance (slow ballad) genre. You'll leave with a simple 1st dance routine or the beginnings of an extraordinary wedding dance. Also great for Father / Daughter , Mother / Son dances. Your lesson must be prepaid (all credit cards accepted). Limited to couples. email: We follow all CDC guidelines - reservations required, must pay in advance - Call 401-331-1400.

Intermediate Salsa Series Starting Soon Reserve NOW!

This class has concluded – Thank you

Robin & Jeff announce our special Intermediate Salsa Group Class Series:

Starting Soon – Reserve Your Space Minimum 6 Couples

Basic Pricing: $45.00 per person* for the whole series

(Sorry this class is not part of any intro special or Groupon)

*Regular weekly private students will receive 20% off the Basic Pricing

*Regular Monthly  Group Class Students will receive 10% off the Basic Pricing

Drop in rate: $20.00 per class 

Class Requirements:  You must be able to dance beginner Salsa including but not limited to Basic & Turning Basic, Cucaracha, Cumbia, Forward & Right Spot Turns, Cross Body Lead, Open Breaks, Change of Place, Arch & Loop Turns, Toss Across, Single Pivot, and Spins.   For more clarity check with Jeff or Robin.   Our Wednesday Classes will be designed to prepare you for these classes in the next several weeks!

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