Dirty Dance Boot Camp – Learn Dirty Dancing all the fabulous party dances from the 50’s – 2013 – Cancelled for now!

This class has concluded – Thank you

Whatever you do, don’t miss this very special Social Dance Boot Camp!  Here’s the premise: every single wedding, holiday party, fundraiser, prom, or outing you will attend will feature one or more of the dances we will demonstrate and teach at this Dirty Dance Boot Camp.   No more wondering or wishing you knew what to do.  You’ll be able to join in the fun and impress your date, bride or groom, husband or wife, family, friends, or most importantly yourself with what to do on the dance floor!   You don’t have to hang around the bar eating the clam dip when the music is hot – get out there and dance!

Jeff Allen learned Jitterbug and the Twist in the late 50’s and early sixties.  It was always the older girls that wanted him as their partner, as a young teen he was unstoppable in local contests.  One dance craze after another through the 60’s and 70’s he choreographed for R & B Soul groups including his own.  Then came Disco – Dance Fever, and the US Championships.  Jeff was responsible for bringing the Electric Slide to Southern New England when he performed weekly at RI’s most popular nightclub – Mustang Sally’s.  While he was there performing and teaching on Ladies Night, Wednesday evenings were voted the Best of RI by RI Monthly for the next 2.5 years.  Come and learn from the best and have the “Time of  Your Life”. Robin Allen, Jeff’s wife, a hot little dancer in her own right, will join him to add that feminine touch to these great dances that will NEVER go out of vogue.

You’ll learn to freestyle alone, you’ll learn to dirty dance like the movie (jerk, monkey, frug, swim, etc.), jitterbug from the 50’s, Electric Slide and Macarena, Hip hop and House, the Twist, Bachata 2013, and more!!  Just an easy taste of each dance and we’ll make it like one big party – dance with 50 people who like you are learning from the beginning.  In this 4 hour group class we’ll break it down logically so you’ll get better and better with everyone else.  There will be a cumulative and effective, kinesiological approach, that insures success.  Teenagers and folks in their 70’s alike will have an absolute blast. 

Email Jeff for additional questions: dance@jeffallendance.com

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