Quickstart to Swing



 An Easy-To-Follow Guide for Swing Dancing – Beginner through Expert

 Please know that Jeff is ready, willing, and able to teach you at his beautiful new studio located at 800 Oaklawn Ave. Unit M2  Cranston, RI 02920, regardless of your present level!! 

100 Swing Variations

Applications in 4 Rhythms

Single – Street, · Double – Jitterbug, · Double – Kick,  · Triple – East Coast Swing

Also: Eight Count & Charleston

Technique for: Leading & Following, Rotation, Swing Rock, & much more!!

.Opens to Rave Reviews:

“This book provides an excellent
introduction for the beginner dance, and offers enough detail and insights to be
a resource for the experienced dancer and teacher.”

Aswin van den Berg – Webmaster of the US Swing Dance Server and Swing
Dance teacher for ten years in Ithaca, New

“Mr. Allen has  put together a complete
encyclopedia of swing steps and technique, covering many important aspects other
books of this genre leave out. Should work for beginners or the more advanced

Keith Todd – Editor & Publisher of Dance Beat, North America’s foremost
DanceSport publication

“24 Karat solid gold! A definitive guide
for all hipsters of the hardwood. Sure to bring out the Fred and Ginger in

Bo Lewis – Host of the Big
Band Dance Party
heard in 66 countries around the

“A must have for all serious dancers;
Quickstart To Swing is a valuable asset to every dancer from the beginning
student to the advanced teacher. Mr. Allen provides a comprehensive look at this
truly American dance.”

Chris George and Christine Zona – Editors & Publishers of

“Jeff Allen continues to deliver the goods
to dancers with his Quickstart To Swing. The latest in his series of dance books
are the authoritative guides for developing confidence and competence while
learning all the right moves. Quickstart To Swing is a must addition to any
dancer’s library.”

Michael Fitzmaurice – Editor & Publisher of Dancing USA


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