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1. Past Ballroom Dancing Expressions: From the Renaissance to the Age of Reform.

            The Renaissance Sets the Stage. The First True “Dancing Queen” . The Dance Masters Create the Roots for Ballet. The Scandalous Waltz. Age of              Reform: Queen Victoria (Reign 1837-1901). Waltzing to America.

2. Modern Ballroom Dancing Expressions: From 1900 to the Present.

1900: The Creature Dances. 1910: The Castles. 1920s: The Radio and the Phonograph. 1930s: America Cuts a Rug. 1940s: The Latin Beat and World War II. 1950s: The Rock and Roll Invasion. 1960s: Solo Dancing. 1970s: Disco and the Hustle. 1980s: The Reagan Era. 1990s to the Present.

3. What Makes Us Dance.

Mysterious Instinctual Desire. Why Men Dance. Why Women Dance. Deepening Relationships with Dance.

4. Dancing Through Your Big Day.

The Magic of the First Dance. The Perfect Song. How Soon Is Soon Enough? Keep the Moment Brief and Let the Magic Last. Funny, on the Way to Their Wedding, We Learned How to Dance. The Groom Presents His Bride. Recommended Timelines for the Wedding Dance Scenario.



5. Lifestyles Improve Socially, Psychologically, and Physically.

No Longer a Couch Potato, Your Dance Card Is Full. Poise and Power Meet Elegance and Romance. Let’s Get Physical…withNonmovement Activity.

6. The Challenges of Ballroom Dancing.

From Jalopy to Ferrari. What Is a Dance Step? “The Dynamic Duo” Legs in Action. Patience and Kindness Are Virtues.

7. Music and More Music: About the Music on Your CD.

Your Music for Dancing. Standardization = Acceptance. Track One: Waltz. Track Two: Foxtrot. Track Three: Tango. Track Four: Viennese Waltz. Track Five: Rumba. Track Six: Merengue. Track Seven: Samba. Track Eight: Cha-Cha. Track Nine: Mambo. Track Ten: East Coast Swing. Track Eleven: Hustle.

8. Timing and Rhythm for the Layperson.

Music and You. Let’s Take a Break from Music. Gardening for Rhythm and Timing. Digging the Beat. The Same Thing over and over Again. Time Has a Signature. Slows and Quicks. Stressful? Not Really. Using the Time to Count Time. Listening and Learning.

9. The Plain Truth About Practicing, Expectations, and Prioritization.

The Three Ps of Dancing. Some Space to Dance. Suit Up and Hoofs On. Attitude Is Food for Your Muscles. A Fresh Step. Gearing Up for Practice. The Next Big Dance Step.



10. The Quickstart Program(c) Progressive Movements.

Simple but Very Necessary. Forward. Backward as If You Were Blindfolded. “Perfect Practice Makes Perfect” . Sideways: The Third and Last Linear Direction. Choreographed Routine.

11. The Quickstart Program(c) Nonprogressive Movements.

Your First Real Dance Step. The Common Denominator of Ballroom Dancing. Closing Actions in the Smooth Dances. Stay in Time. The Box Step Is Your Trailblazer.

12. Dance Positions with Your Partner.

Let’s Get Close and Physical. Contact Points for the Hands and Arms. One Last Word. Promenade Position. The Wedding Dip.

13. The Interactions of the Dance Couple.

Leading and Following. Use of the Hands and Arms. Leading Rotation. Foot Position in CBMP. Inside and Outside of a Turn. Magic Part of the Foot. Knee Veer. Sway.



14. Your Best Directions.

Diagram of Line of Dance. Description of Line of Dance. Why We Use Line of Dance. How We Use Line of Dance. Common Courtesies on the Dance Floor. Dealing With a Congested Floor.

15. Waltz.

Box with Underarm Turn. Simple Twinkle. Progressive. Box Turn-1/4 Turn to Left (Counterclockwise). Box Turn-1/4 to Right (Clockwise). Choreographed Routine: Waltz Routine.

16. Foxtrot.

Rise and Fall with Rhythm. The Basic: Key Timing. Left Box Turn (Counterclockwise)-Box Rhythm. Rock Turn to Left: Key Rhythm. Sway Step: Key Rhythm. Simple Twinkle: Box Rhythm. Promenade: Key Rhythm. Zig Zag in Line: Key Rhythm. Choreographed Routine: Emergency Wedding Routine. Choreographed Routine: Nightclub Pattern (or Nowhere to Go). Choreographed Routine: Foxtrot Routine.

17. Tango.

Adding the Special Touches to Your Tango. Basic Straight. Basic Circular. Promenade Turning Left. Promenade Turning Right. Corti-Single. Choreographed Routine: Tango Routine.

18. Viennese Waltz.

Details, Details-or Dealing with Speed. Balance Steps-Forward and Back, Side. Left Turn-Your Hardest Step! Forward Progressive Changes. Right Turn. Curtsey and Bow (Used Only to Start the Dance). Choreographed Routine: Viennese Waltz Routine.



19. Rumba.

Side Basic. Fifth Position. Box Step Turning. Cross Body Lead. Outside Partner. Choreographed Routine: Rumba Routine.

20. Merengue.

Basic to Side. Nightclub Basic Left Turn. Merengue Box Step. Side Breaks. Arm Slide. Practice Routine: Merengue Routine.

21. Samba.

Forward and Back Basic. Side-to-Side Basic. Fifth Position. The Box. Extended Box. Practice Routine: Samba Routine.

22. Cha-Cha.

Basic in Place-Nightclub Style. Cha-Cha Side Basic. Progressive Cha-Cha Basic. Outside Partner. Crossover Break with Spot Turn. Choreographed Routine: Cha-Cha Routine.

23. Mambo. [FrontPage HTML Markup Component][FrontPage Component]

A Different Start. Forward and Back Basic. Side Breaks. Side Breaks and Cross. Cross Body Lead. Open Break Underarm Turn. Choreographed Routine: Mambo Routine.

24. East Coast Swing.

Quickstart to Swing’s(c) Unit Method for Easy Learning. Closed Basic in Promenade Position. Outside (Arch) Turn from Closed Promenade Position to Finish in Open Facing Position. The Basic Figure in Open Facing Position. Inside Turn (Loop Turn) from Open Facing Position Finishing in Open Facing Position. Leader’s Underarm Turn from Open Facing Position to Closed Promenade Position. Choreographed Routine: Swing Routine.

25. Hustle.

Hustling the Technique. Basic (Slotted) Right Turn. Lady’s Left Underarm Turn (Slotted). Man’s Left Underarm Turn (Slotted). Open to Side Closed Position. Throw Out. Choreographed Routine: Hustle Routine.


Appendix A. Glossary. 
Appendix B. Further Reading. 

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