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Every day West Coast Swing is taught in the private lesson format.  Privately we’ll be teaching you the dance that goes with the World’s most popular rhythm.  Presently, West Coast Swing rivals any other dance in the United States for supremacy in overall popularity. We will teach you the West Coast Styles, Including patterns from Triple Swing, Jitterbug, Lindy, & Jive.   In this way you will be able to dance to any of the music from the 40’s through to the present with the musical triplet rhythm as its basis.  Big Band, Rock & Roll, Oldies, R & B, Soul, Motown, Country, Disco, House, Blues, Southern Rock, Bluegrass,  and even Hip Hop provide thousands of Swing Dancing opportunities.   Swing dancing will teach you rhythm and timing.  The choreography of Salsa, Bachata, & Hustle primarily have their roots in Swing steps, turns, rotations, spins, & pivots.  You’ll become terrific leaders & followers with the help of Jeff and Robin’s teaching and demonstrations.  We more than encourage not only beginners but those well beyond to join this class and really get it right.  All of the patterns shown in both styles will always be preceded by the most basic step so have no fears about joining and staying with us for a long time to come!!   You’ll LOVE it.
West Coast Swing:
is a smooth (no bounce) Swing dance and it is danced in a slot (think of dancing between railroad tracks).  The dance allows room for syncopated footwork and improvisation.  It is danced in primarily in 6 and 8 count patterns.  Followers have more freedom than any other dance, performing their syncopations at will while the leader provides the basic rhythm while anchoring the follower.  West Coast Swing can be danced to a wide range of music including Rhythm and Blues, Country Western, Funk, Disco, Rock and Pop.  This dance is definitely one of our favorites because of it’s diversity and we LOVE teaching it!
If you’ve been to other  West Coast Swing Classes please don’t give up as soon as you try mine you’ll immediately see the difference in our teaching which translates to dancing, at least that’s what all my students say!!!!
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Taught by Jeff & Robin Allen –  Call: 401-331-1400 or email dance@jeffallendance.com
Visit our beautiful studio located at: 800 Oaklawn Ave.  Unit M 2 Cranston, RI 02920.   Checks to be made payable to Jeff Allen.


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