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Are you getting married during 2018?  We’re encouraging you to begin your dance lessons early prior to the stress of learning very close to your wedding day.  We do not ascribe to the theory that if you wait to the last minute you won’t forget.  The average Wedding Couple spends 10 – 12 private lessons preparing for their 1st Wedding Dance for an exciting and qualitative slow ballad routine.  At Jeff Allen’s Latin & Ballroom Dance Studio you’ll receive: Great teaching & Preparation, – we want you to have a wonderful and memorable learning experience and dance!!!!!!!  Our wedding dance choreography is EXCLUSIVE to Jeff Allen’s Complete Guide to Slow Dancing Syllabus you won’t see it at every wedding!

Our menu items of “intro-packages” for 2018 Wedding Couples 

Big sale on our NEW Wedding Dance Packages!  These sell out very quickly so please don’t delay and become disappointed! Please note choose wisely because you can only buy an intro-special once.  Once used to may purchase as many lessons as you like at our regular prices – which are 35% – 40% less than other studios!   

2018 Wedding Package 1: Intro Special Two, 60 minute private lessons plus our exclusive “Wedding Dance Boot Camp” only $129.99 per couple. Four hours of instruction!

2018 Wedding Package 2: Our six hour package – Super Intro for Bride & Groom Several Amalgamations in slow dancing plus your dip, kiss, twirl, & curtsy “a spectacular” ending! The couple may also take a suitable Sunday afternoon seminar classes.  What you get is 6 – Sixty Minute Private Lessons and the group classes for only $279.99 per couple (valued at $570.00)! To improve the value of each lesson we will produce a video notebook on your smartphone to enhance your practice time!!!!!!!!

Remember hours at Jeff Allen’s Latin & Ballroom Dance Studio are a FULL SIXTY MINUTES – no sales pitches or heavy back office tactics.   Call to make your reservation or for more information: (401) 331-1400.

Buy Gift Certificates for Holiday or Engagement Gifts – Our Prices are the Best, Both Now & In The Future!!

Please Note: All of our special’s comparative pricing are based on the Single Hourly Rate of $95/ person / Hour. 

Wedding Dance Instruction for your Special Day

Wedding Dance Instruction in a very private setting can be done personally with Jeff Allen. Jeff will teach you to dance quickly and effectively while choreographing your First Dance specifically to your very favorite song. The special choreography that Jeff Allen designs for you can be to any dance rhythm of your choice. Whether your choice is Slow Dancing, Foxtrot, Waltz, Rumba, Salsa, Tango, or Swing the Wedding Dance material designed for you, will make you look good in front of all your family and friends. Your First Dance choreography will maximize your dance skills (even if you are an absolute beginner) and promises to emotionally touch everyone at your wedding reception. You will be proud to look back and show your friends the pictures and video of your First Wedding Dance. Here you can read our reviews at the “Wedding Channel”

Please don’t forget the parents of either the Bride or Groom. They are always welcome to take private lessons with Jeff or join the wedding couple on any of their lessons. The Father and Daughter dance is a very important moment at any wedding reception, Jeff will make sure that the Bride and her Dad are comfortable dancing with each other for their wedding dance. Please visit The Wedding Dance Music List for many song suggestions for the Father and Daughter or any other specific dance at the Wedding reception.

Jeff Allen also offers semi-private classes for up to six people in your wedding party. Joining the Bride and Groom for a group Wedding Party dance has recently become very popular. Again, this group dance can be done to the dance rhythm of your choice. For extreme fun at your wedding reception, a Rueda (Spanish for wheel or round) can actually be adapted for you so that synchronized partner changes will occur during the course of a Wedding Party dance.

If you’re attending a wedding and want to be able to dance fast or slow, if you only have a brief time to prepare, if you are concerned about your wedding day budget, if you only have a week or two to go, if you want to work together with you wedding party consider our Wedding Dance Boot Camp, there a total blast and you’ll have the best time you’ve ever had at a wedding!!

Here’s another great gift idea for the engaged couple or anyone that wants to learn to dance:  “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Ballroom Dancing 2nd Edition with the exclusive DVD” , Jeff Allen’s best-selling dance book not only includes 5 -7 steps for eleven ballroom dances but also includes a very special section for the Bride and Groom. These hints and personal advice will be greatly appreciated by the Bride and Groom as they prepare for their wedding day. Look for Jeff’s book The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Ballroom Dancing 2nd Edition with the exclusive DVD” at your local or Internet bookstore.


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