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Hi Jeff,

Thank you so much! Our wedding was wonderful, and the waltz was magnificent. All the lessons on posture and proper
movement really paid off as we were gliding through the First Dance. Your choreography worked out beautifully, and we felt great in the dance – thank you!

Oleg and Nadia


Dear Jeff,
I want to Thank You for all your help with Bryant and my First Dance. It went off like a charm and was a HUGE hit! More importantly, Bryant and I had so much fun! Because of you, our day was much more unique. Also we truly cherished all of our lessons. The lessons were not only a bonding experience for Bryant and I, but also taught us how to work together and trust each each other. I really hope we pick up our lessons again soon!
Lisa & Bryant

Jeff –
As you can see from this picture, your expertise certainly paid off! We Thank You very much for all your efforts and patience with us. Our day would not have been nearly as nice without our beautiful dance to start the night off right.
Seth & Wendy





Dear Jeff ,
Lisa and I would like to Thank You for all the work you put into helping us look good while dancing at our wedding. Our opening Waltz took everyone by surprise and lent the style and sophistication we wanted to the evening. We had more people cry during our First Dance than we did at the ceremony! We are sure that for some of our guests, that dance is the most memorable part of the entire wedding.

Later in the night when the band began playing Swing music, we had the most fun we’ve ever had dancing together. We greatly appreciate the fact that you taught us more than “just steps” ! We were able to use all “the moves” that we had worked on, but also incorporated steps that we learned from watching others. The universal dancing concepts that you taught us, enabled us to experiment and make it up as we went along.

Once again, thank you very much for your instruction. The dancing helped us to truly enjoy the music and have a great time. We plan to continue dancing and will be in touch for more lessons (once we finish paying off the wedding!)
Kyle & Lisa

Our Story…or “You Don’t Have to go to New York to Get ‘Big City Style….It’s All Right Here in Rhode Island”

We were married in September . I have to say, we had some outstanding merchants-right here in “little old RI” – who gave us the true Red Carpet treatment. Without them, we would never have been able to pull off the “Big Day” and we owe them all a BIG Thank You! Let me start with our Dance Instructor…….

I woke up one day about 3 months before the wedding and suddenly realized that my ‘soon to be husband’ and I really didn’t know how to dance! I mean, we get up and ‘dance’ at every event we attend but, in reality, there are no “real” dance steps…we just kind of “wing it”. I also realized that that “winging it” just would not do in front of the 300 people we had invited to the wedding. So we narrowed down our First Dance song choices, finally chose “the one” and needed some dance steps to go with it.

So, like all good consumers, I opened up the phonebook and started flipping through the pages headed ‘Dance Instruction’. I see an ad for private lessons by the guy who wrote ‘The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Ballroom Dancing”, Jeff Allen. I always liked that series of books, so I called him. Even over the phone I could immediately tell that Jeff treated dance like the ‘art’ it is, so the decision was made.

We took private lessons as often as possible (given our very hectic schedule) and Jeff transformed us into poised confident “dancers” with style! Jeff taught us all the ‘little things’ that made all the difference – how to make our entrance into the room, how to present the bride on the dance floor, and best of all, how to execute a fantastic First Dance!

We worked hard and it paid off! We entered the floor as we had practiced, and our dance had our guests ‘oooohhhing’ and ‘ahhhhing’ with every move we made, the fancy dip and kiss that ended our dance brought a thunder of applause. What a day!

Thank you Jeff! You made our day everything we dreamed of and more!

Lora & Dominic

Dear Jeff,

Thank You for providing Soraya and I the total preparation that was necessary to perform a First Dance that exceeded all expectations at our wedding! You predicted everything that would happen, including the timing of live music (faster than the CD) and the rousing standing ovation we received at the conclusion of our dance. Even though we have not received our video yet, I know I heard the crowd yelling and whistling throughout our “performance”. We appreciate the preparation that you gave us even for the eventual ‘mishaps’ that inevitably occur with beginners such as ourselves. With the “easy correction” guidance you provided, the entire audience viewed the dance as “perfect” and only we knew we made some minor mistakes! A couple of “side balances” and big smiles, and no one knew the difference. Many people asked us how long we ‘rehearsed’ with the band to get everything that perfect!

One of the biggest benefits to such a sensational First Dance, was that it set the tone for the rest of the Reception. It established an atmosphere of fun and entertainment that lasted through to our last dance. In the future, we will look back at our wedding with fond memories, but it will always be our First Dance that stands out.

Thank you again!
Gregory and Soraya



The first time I spoke to you on the phone, you told me that you weren’t a “miracle worker,” well our wedding guests disagree! Our first dance was a big hit and even made it into the Best Man’s speech! Thank you for all of your help and patience and fitting in extra classes before our big day.





Dear Jeff,
Tom and I want to thank you for your dancing help in preparation of our wedding on Septenber 1st. The lessons definately paid off! Our special first dance to ‘Old Cape Cod” was so special and set the tone for a fun and dancing reception! All of our friends and family loved our dance and all commented on how special it was to see us take our first dance so seriously. Our wedding day was perfect. Thank you for contributing to our day.

Fondly, Kara and Tom Rudnick


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