Interactive Private Video Lessons with Jeff Allen

Interactive Virtual Lessons with Master Teacher, JEFF ALLEN, Now Available!!

Call me at 401-331-1400 and we’ll begin immediately.  Using the great communication, physical analogies, and physical logic that have set my teaching apart since 1984, certainly allows you to learn in the comfort of your home, especially now!  Dance is wonderful therapy and in this private lesson format you learn a life-skill and feel much better as a result! – Jeff Allen    



Prepare for your 1st Wedding Dance at home!!!  

Yes, you can learn Virtually with live interaction between you & I including your music.

These lessons are very effective, my present students love them!!

Our special prices intro & wedding prices apply Call 401-331-1400

Prices at our website

All you need is Skype and some space.  And for practicing purposes these lessons can be recorded.

As of 3/30/20 these virtual lessons have been met with a lot of success.  Once overcoming the limitations of an internal laptop microphone with a great external mic these lessons are almost as good as the real thing and a tremendous amount of fun.  Another added benefit with no additional trouble is the the lessons in their entirety can be recorded for future usage.

Owing to the  COVID – 19 Virus I have decided to bring to fruition an idea I’ve had for years!!!    To make interactive videos lessons with me available at your own location via SKYPE!!!

Please call me from any location in the USA at (401) 331- 1400 and we’ll be dancing together in a very short while.   There are actually hundreds of thousands of you that have read my books and magazine articles of whom I am eternally grateful.    With many of my callers I have had a chance interact and teach during their trips through New England. However, even more did not find it physically or financially convenient to meet with me.   Now you can!!!!  Many of you are from areas where there are not many studios or teachers and now I can join in your living room!  Please keep I’m located in Eastern Standard Time.   

Call me right NOW (401)331-1400 and we’ll set up your internet connection and we’ll be working together.  All present package prices will be applicable.  

Intro Special 2 sixty minute private lessons only $99.99 call 401-331-1400


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