LGBT Wedding Dance Boot Camps and Classes For your own group class please check out our “Friends & Family Special” on our front page!!

For your own group class please check out our “Friends & Family Special” on our front page!!  

Book our special 6 hour Special (see below) for you and your partner or friends in the semi-private form classes to suit your individual needs!  

Private Lessons are always available call


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 Wedding Dance Boot Camps and Classes (600 wedding couples in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, & 2019!!!)


Wedding Couples this is especially for you!! 

Wedding Couples get ahead of the game and start with our July 14th, & August 11th 2019 Wedding Dance Boot Camp!!!  This is an exclusive class derived from Jeff Allen’s best selling syllabus/ book “The Complete Guide to Slow Dancing” Elegance has finally been introduced to dancing when the music is slow. Here is our new Groupon for One or Two Wedding Dance Boot Camps! The WDBC can in fact give you just enough for your 1st dance or we can develop a fabulous fuller routine for you with private lessons, even with your slow ballad choice of music, to totally WOW everyone, just read our reviews!!   No one else will prepare you like we  do and you’ll always be pleased with our pricing and the speed at which you’ll learn from us.

If you can’t attend a WDBC ask about our private lesson intro special! Only $48.00 for 45 minutes and consultation.


 We are taking reservations now please call for more info: 401- 331-1400 or email

Please check our calendar for dates. The Wedding Dance Boot Camps include a two hour group class where you learn to produce the dance couple’s frame – several unique patterns – and our special “Dip, Kiss, Twirl, & Curtsy. From there you also receive one 60 minute PRIVATE lesson to refine and stylize your 1st Dance choreography. All of this for just $129.99 per couple!

500 Wedding Couples for 2012,13,14,15,16, 2017& 2018 agree –

We love our wedding couples, respect your time, and budget!

Our menu items of “intro-packages” for 2019 Wedding Couples 

Big sale on our NEW Wedding Dance Packages!  These sell out very quickly so please don’t delay and become disappointed! Please note choose wisely because you can only buy an intro-special once.  Once used to may purchase as many lessons as you like at our regular prices – which are 35% – 40% less than other studios!   

For your own group class please check out our “Friends & Family Special” on our front page!!  

New Special for 2019  Intro Wedding Package: Three, 60 minute private lessons for $149.99 per couple!   Our next WDBC (mixed) will take place:

 July 14th, & August 11th 2019 @ 12:30 – 2:30 PM please call – 401-331-1400 

Special 2 for 2019 Wedding Package:  Our six hour package – Super Intro for Bride & Groom Several Amalgamations in slow dancing plus your dip, kiss, twirl, & curtsy “a spectacular” ending! What you get is 6 – Sixty Minute Private Lessons and now you get 3 of our exclusive “Wedding Dance Boot Camps”  ALL for only $360.00 per couple (valued at $690.00)! To improve the value of each lesson we will produce a video notebook on your smartphone to enhance your practice time!!!!!!!!

Remember the hour lessons at Jeff Allen’s Latin & Ballroom Dance Studio are a FULL SIXTY MINUTES – no sales pitches or heavy back office tactics.   Call to make your reservation or for more information: (401) 331-1400.

Our next WDBC (mixed) will take place

 July 14th, & August 11th 2019 @ 12:30 – 2:30 PM please call – 401-331-1400 

 Buy Gift Certificates for Holiday or Engagement Gifts – Our Prices are the Best, Both Now & In The Future!!  Our Gift Certificates DO NOT EXPIRE!! 

Please Note: All of our special’s comparative pricing are based on the Single Hourly Rate of $95/ person / Hour.  Single group class rate is $15.00 per group class!

Pick your special carefully because you will only be able to select one of these.

These specials are the same cost for either a single or a couple.

A Wedding Dance Boot Camp (WDBC) is two hours of group instruction specially designed and choreographed from Jeff Allen’s book “The Complete Guide to Slow Dancing – an elegant form of dancing to slow ballads.  

Jeff holds Membership credentials with the North American Dance Teachers Association and the Pan-American Teachers Association.  Jeff Allen is a National Examiner for Dance Vision’s International Dance Sport Association.  Since the advent of the TV series “Dancing with the Stars”, he has served as a resident dance expert for USA Today Newspapers.   Presently his book “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Ballroom Dancing, DVD 2nd Edition” is the #1 selling dance resource, in the USA.  Jeff Allen is available for coaching, examinations, and judging. He’s won over 30 NDCA Top Teacher titles.

We are interested in your input for dance genre, weekday evening, etc. Please email your suggestions to:

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