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Come Alone or with a Group of Your Friends (Male or Female) and learn either Salsa or Bachata or Both.  Fabulous pricing as follows: Six Private Lessons each 60 minutes long for a total of $279.99   That’s right $279.99 for the six lessons is all you’ll pay either yourself or up to a total of  4 people.   Yes, for You and three of your friends or family.    Learn all the basics of SALSA or Bachata.  New York Style SALSA on 2 or classic Bachata. Absolutely the best!! Act today, as this will not be around for very long!!!!! call 401-331-1400 or  email:  dance@jeffallendance.com
You’ll divide the total cost of $279.99 amongst the members of your group of friends, family, or just your self!   The value of this package is $570.00 purchased separately!!!!!!!  

Latin Hustle 2016 II is certainly available through your private lessons – Dance to Everything Anywhere The Only Fast Paced Dance You’ll Ever Need!!  Absolutely perfect, for that wedding you’re attending.

The Fastest Growing Dance in America!

Latin Hustle 2016 is quick & easy to learn.  The dance is everything a man and a women want to feel about themselves and the music while out on the dance floor!  Latin Hustle 2016 is definitely in vogue, it is elegant and sexy, tremendous fun and has unparalleled versatility.  Progressive studios everywhere are now teaching this great partner dance so their students can travel to any venue and dance immediately!  It is the only fast paced dance you’ll ever need.  Are you going to a wedding, party, event, fundraiser, or night club where the music is DJ or Band driven?  Learn this simple partner dance and I promise you’ll be dancing all night with your date or significant other while the others, seemingly or aimlessly, are just jumping around with their hands in the air.  “We learned the Hustle and had the best time of our lives at our son’s wedding, thank you Jeff  for recommending this to us!!!” This dance was developed in the mid 70′ to early 80’s and now the modern version of Latin Hustle 2016 is probably the most important dance to know for today’s top 40, and today’s dance hits.  

Our philosophy for teaching dance is to get you out on the dance floor ASAP for as little expenditure as possible.  Focus on this one dance and we promise you’ll love what it does for your social life.  You don’t need a whole repertoire  of dances, Latin Hustle 2016 and it’s easy!! It’s much better to learn one, maybe two dances at a time. Especially when you have a dance as versatility as Latin Hustle 2016. You should also learn an elegant form of Slow Dancing in this way you’ll be able to dance to over 90% of the music you’ll hear at a club or wedding.  Most dance studios will try to talk you into doing a bunch of dances.  After all, if you’re taking more dances, that means a bigger contract, more competitive ‘entries’ and the more time and money you have to spend.  They’ll use dances to haggle with, and talk about ‘minors’ and ‘majors.’ Most of their students complain what it was like; 4, 5, 6 dances is just too much in the beginning. Convoluted group classes of too many varieties really designed to confuse you requiring to spend money on more private lessons.     Eventually, your mind DOES compartmentalize the different steps and timings, but why take the longer and harder road with no extra benefit?  At our studio we do teach everything but we want you out on the dance floor ASAP and so do you!  Latin Hustle 2016 is absolutely ideal for the casual dancer, or social dancer.  If you do want to ultimately compete than Latin Hustle 2016 has infinite growth potential and the forum and venues to do so.  We want you to be happy, we don’t need you to spend a fortune because then you’ll send all your friends to us. 

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Our Once per month Latin Hustle 2016 – 2 hour Level One workshop is the prerequisite for Latin Hustle 2016 Level Two.  Check out the times on our calendar.

If you’ve been to other Hustle or Group Dance Classes please don’t give up as soon as you try ours you’ll immediately see the difference in our teaching which translates to better dancing, at least that’s what all of our students say!!!!
Pay by the month and save!!   The COST per 4 classes Monday evening of the month is only $30.00 per person. 
The Drop-In Rate is $15.00 per weekly group class person (does not include weekend programs). 
Fabulous Monthly Deal:  Come to any and all of our weekly group classes for only $30.00 per person per month!!   Private students who take at least one lesson per week can come to any of our weekly group classes FREE!!
Taught by Jeff & Robin Allen –  Call: 401-331-1400 or email dance@jeffallendance.com
Limited Space: mail or bring by your payment  (check or credit card) to our beautiful new studio located at:
332 Atwood Ave.  Cranston, RI 02920.   Checks to be made payable to Jeff Allen.
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