Why Begin Learning with a Salsa and/or Bachata Boot Camp in October 2019

Why Attend A Bachata and /or Salsa Boot Camp in Rhode Island?


Learning to dance Salsa or Bachata is based on cumulative development, repetition, & saturation.

Great teaching will emphasize choreography, the characteristic technique, and your partnering skills because of the length of a Boot Camp Class we will cover all of this and more in just one day.  In a short one hour class you are often immersed into the dance pattern of the day and not much more.  Perhaps you’ll get to dance with a few people, a couple of times, and it’s hard to ascertain whether or not you’ve actually “got it”.  You come back a week later and virtually have to start over again because you forgot 75 -80% of what was demonstrated.  By contrast, in a Boot Camp Class we layer the teaching.  You’ll dance with all of the available partners in the room first with the choreography, then we’ll teach you some additional techniques to fix the general errors the class is making, thirdly we’ll add the devices and nuances that make the leading and following work.  With each piece of physical information you develop cumulatively along with all your classmates and as a result see improvement that very day!!

The length of the Boot Camp (3 hours) class allows each participant to repeat, repeat, repeat with all of their classmates both with and without music.  It’s tremendous fun to change partners, meeting new friends, while you’ll gage your own improvement.  We develop amalgamations so you actually develop danceable material with some the confidence to dance “what’s next” or learning transition between figures. This uses up time out on the dance floor and avoids monotony.

The last item is saturation and perhaps the most important in learning a physical skill.  This is especially true when a coach is watching and monitoring the classes’ progress.  Saturation in a Boot Camp class occurs because the time proximity from event to event, step to step, movement to movement is so close to the last time you participated in doing it that it actually gets easier because of familiarity. You don’t get a chance to forget before you develop a level of success.

Why don’t you join us Sunday October 13th and /or October 27th  from Noon to 3 PM at Jeff Allen’s Bachata Boot Camps and experience world class teaching in a new scenario that will permit you to learn that very same day!  Follow this link for much more information!  Link to Salsa & Bachata Boot Camps

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