Why Are We Teaching everyone and Recommending that everyone else, learn Latin Hustle, a/k/a New York Hustle?

Why Are We Teaching everyone and Recommending that everyone else, learn Latin Hustle, a/k/a New York Hustle?

At Jeff Allen’s Latin and Ballroom Dance Studio we want you to be able to dance:

  1. As soon as possible; enjoyably, effectively, and efficiently. Also it’s very cost effective.
  2. To a vast variety of music in the common types of venues you may want to or be compelled to attend. Latin Hustle 2016 will indeed match the faster rhythms.
  3. While fulfilling all those wonderful feelings, expectations, and emotions that men and women seek to share while dancing together. Feeling one with the music is unrivaled.
  4. Satisfying both fitness and athletic needs for a strong and healthy life. Talk about exercise as fun.
  5. Keeping your mind vibrant and healthy using both the intellectual and the physical concentration necessary to turn that body into an instrument of dance. The best of the brain exercises.
  6. Without the prohibitive expense that you may find at many studios. As one of my Wedding Dance students replied to the manager of a well-known named studio:  “We only wanted to learn to dance without having to give up grocery shopping!”  Specific to our studio we are 3- – 40% less.
  7. To today’s popular “dance” music without concern about what others around you may be doing or where on the floor they’re doing it. You’ll be amazed how space opens up for a dance couple.
  8. With versatility and artistic excitement Latin Hustle is impressive immediately along with its wonderful rhythmic expression. Compared to other dances, Latin Hustle has the immediate wow factor.
  9. Expanding the horizons of your social experience while gaining confidence in your personal skills in public expression. You’ll begin feeling wonderful about yourself.
  10. Most importantly to have great doses of fun connecting or reconnecting (like empty nesters) with another person in only the way that dance provides.

After one of our two hour Latin Hustle I workshops and if you’re adventurous enough, you’ll be able to go out that evening and enjoy a reasonable and very basic evening of dance.  And if you caJeff and Robin at Vincentsn’t you’ll be able to repeat and repeat that Latin Hustle I workshop at NO additional cost!  You’ll be able to dance to music very early during the workshop.   I’ve been teaching for over 30 years and there’s no dance like Latin Hustle as far as its ease of performing to music.  In its most basic form Latin Hustle is not much more difficult than marching in rhythm or the child’s game “Ring-A-Round the Rosie”.

When everyone was learning Latin Hustle or New York Hustle back in the 70’s and 80’s they fell in love with dancing and more specifically partner dancing and very specifically the varieties of Hustle.   This was so popular that partner dancing grew to proportions that have never been replicated.   Guess what it’s happening again!   The Latin Hustle 2016 is really the only fast paced dance you’ll need.  Then add a slow ballad dance and you’ll be writing me thank you notes for making your next event, party, or wedding the best time you’ve ever had!  And it gets better you’ll be dancing at clubs, restaurants, and even your living room having the time of your life.

For more info about our classes, workshops, and seminars please contact us at 401-331-1400 of email: dance@jeffallendance.com – Thank you.

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