It’s Time to Dance at Your Wedding!

It’s Time to Dance at Your Wedding!

By Jeff Allen

(excerpts from Jeff’s book The Complete Guide to Slow Dance©)


What Is, and Why Do, Slow Dancing?

In the present ‘musical era’ it would not be an exaggeration to state that 85% of what are heralded as songs of romance, love, and passion are too slow for a Waltz, Foxtrot or Rumba.  These tempi are so slow that no standard form of ballroom dancing is applicable.  The tempo range we are discussing starts as low as 14 measures or bars of music per minute (less than this would be virtually un-danceable  and then accelerates to as much as 26 bars per minute (BPM).  Without some alternative, couples have resorted to the ‘junior high technique’ of dancing – they huddle in place, flopped over each other, rocking back and forth like two scared monkeys in the rain.  Jokingly many refer to this as the “Penguin Shuffle.”  Not a bad characterization when a bride and groom resort to this style considering all their black and white coloring!  All the while the movement, romance, and elegance of ballroom dancing are at the back of their minds.

Once you have been taught, studied, and rehearsed the content of one of our Wedding Dance Boot Camps, the stature that was only achieved by ballroom dancing will now be accessible.  There will be no reason why you cannot simply and comfortably dance together to these symbolic and beautiful love ballads in a dance form deserving of the music.  I have taken standard pieces from the Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Bolero, and Rumba over my 36 years of teaching experience, converted these segments into a very accessible curriculum called The Complete Guide to Slow Dancing.  You, the reader of this BLOG and our student, will find our Wedding Dance Boot Camps (WDBC) simple, to do, and very impressive to any onlooker.

Look terrific for that very special occasion!

Will you be dancing in front of others?  Will a Slow Dance be the first dance at you wedding?  Is just rocking in place while crouched over each other, really the way you want to look and be videoed?  With your WDBC we are going to change your dance frame (the position of the couple holding each other) in order to make you ‘picture perfect’.  The end result will be better movement without the loss of romance in your dancing.  I would not want to take your fun away!  In fact you will probably experience a greater passion than you thought possible while slow dancing.

Is Slow Dancing the same as “Waltzing”?

In today’s jargon, “Waltzing” has become an idiomatic expression.  Since dancing to very slow ballads has no formal name, people reference the Waltz as a common term to mean the same as smooth or slow dancing.  Although people often use the terms interchangeably, Slow Dancing is not the Waltz!

What music do we use?

At least 80% of songs chosen for the wedding dance are ballads and are appropriate for Slow Dancing.  This would be music that falls below 26 bars of music per minute or BPM.  For as long as popular music hits have been officially tabulated and ‘charted’, love songs or romantic ballads comprise many of the songs that ‘top the charts’. Often, these songs set off a special moment in time for couples.  It could be their first meeting, or the moment they fell in love, but the point is that ballad will stay with them forever.  These songs are like greeting card – only better, for these songs can express feelings more than mere words ever could.  They are like poetry to music and express every emotion in love’s history.

The Wedding Dance Boot Camp is also Perfect for the Parent / Child Dances 

Dads & Moms of the wedding couple will find wonderful relief from the pressure of either the Father / Daughter dance or the Mother / Son dance.  Join your kids at one of our Wedding Dance Boot Camps!!

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