Father – Daughter, Mother – Son Wedding Dance Boot Camp – June 9th, July 14th, & August 11th 2019 is perfect for you!

Private Lessons are always available call 401-331-1400 

Our Wedding Package #1 includes 2– 60 minute private lessons. The cost of the Wedding Package is only $129.99!! 

Special 2 for 2019 Wedding Package:  Our 7 hour package – Super Intro for Bride & Groom Several Amalgamations in slow dancing plus your dip, kiss, twirl, & curtsy “a spectacular” ending! What you get is 7 – Sixty Minute Private Lessons   ALL for only $375.00 per couple (valued at $690.00)! To improve the value of each lesson we will produce a video notebook on your smartphone to enhance your practice time!!!!!!!

And the family discount below allows you to bring anyone you want  at a ridiculous price: 

Special Family Discount:  Includes Bride & Groom, Her Parents, His Parents, Maid of Honor & Partner, Best Man & Partner,  and Grandparents of Bride & Groom;  any and all for only $360.00  (you may substitute with other family members or wedding party – up to nine [9] couples!!)

Have a ball learning with your family & friends at the same time!!!

From your walk down your aisle to your father-daughter dance, your wedding day is filled with sentimental moments between you and your dad. The mother-son dance is one of the sweetest moments at any wedding. It’s filled with love; joy, pride, and a hint of the bittersweet as a mother witnesses her son become a husband. Your parents are also nervous about dancing with you in front of all those present.  An emotional issue will arise for your Dad or Mom (or chosen surrogate) about this dance and more specifically about the choice of music.  When your parents have danced slowly in the past it has generally been with a prospective love interest or indeed their life’s love.  Dancing slowly with a daughter or son with whom they love, but certainly are not their love interest often poses some uncomfortable and awkward feelings. Close embraced dancing will be entirely new with a child and they may feel like a fish out of water. Let us teach you what to do, so these special, once in a lifetime moments will be very comfortable and relaxed. 

We’ll have all of you looking beautiful in this special 2 hour class –

Space is definitely limited so get your reservations in quickly!!! 

Your check made out to Jeff Allen and mailed to 332 Atwood Ave. Cranston, RI 02920 is your reservation.

This fantastic class will only occur once!   Don’t miss your chance to learn to dance for your child’s wedding in this highly specialized class.  We’ll go over elegant framing, your music’s choice for great danceability, timing, rhythm, posture, easy to do dance steps for a stress free and beautiful experience.  I promise this will get the job done to relieve any and all anxieties.  


Girls, guys love my teaching, relating to my usages of many physical and varying sports analogies. These make him become very comfortable!!

Call me at 401-331-1400 or email me at dance@jeffallendance.com

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