What Dance Do We Do At Our Next Celebratory Event?

I’m not going to try and fool you!  Music and specifically music to dance to at Weddings, Parties, Nightclubs, Cruises, Social Events, etc…. 0

Salsa-Bachata-Merengue-South Beach Style-at: AQUA – Marriott Providence, RI

Sorry, this class has now ended – check out our studio’s Salsa Classes Wednesdays, & various Social Dance Boot Camps beginning with Bachata… 0

Latin Fusion Fitness© – Is it for You?

Latin Fusion Fitness© Latin Fusion Fitness© is an exclusive exercise and fitness program developed by Jeff Allen and not taught anywhere else, yet! … 0

Correcting the Most Common Error in Ballroom Dancing!

Correcting the Most Common Error in Ballroom Dancing! Ok, what is that error?  And the answer is: failing to change weight when closing… 0

Wedding Couples, Dancing, and Dance Instruction Part 2

During the last few months I have observed some unfortunate but regular occurrences.  Wedding couples have had to leave other dance studios in frustration in this… 0

Wedding Couples, Dancing, and Dance Instruction Part 1

Inherently wedding couples begin their dance instruction much too late in their wedding planning and details. In fact most couples do not prepare… 0

Wedding Dance Boot Camp This Sunday @ 2 PM has 2 Openings for Couples

We still have TWO openings for couples this Sunday at 2 PM. You can learn enough dancing in our 4 hour class to… 0

Learn Salsa, Bachata, Ballroom, or Swing Dancing from a Credentialed Pro!

Here’s a real problem; the dance “industry” (or any social art form or pastime for that matter) is not license regulated, nor is… 0

Why Attend A Salsa / Bachata Boot Camp in Rhode Island?

Learning to dance Salsa or Bachata is based on cumulative development, repetition, & saturation. Great teaching will emphasize choreography, the characteristic technique, and your partnering skills… 0

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